Leads are the life-blood for the insurance agent and at Life Professionals we are striving to earn your business by providing the highest quality leads with the best direct mail program in the industry. We are results driven. We are not in the business to sell direct mail to insurance agents, as you will see in our pricing section. At Life Professionals, we are providing what we believe to be among the most competitive direct mail pricing in the industry, while at the same time delivering high rates of return and high-quality leads.

Prior To Ordering Leads, You Must Complete A Sales Agreement.  Once Approved, You Can Order Leads Below.

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Your Contracting Must Be Submitted And You Must Be Approved With A Completed Sales Agreement To Place Orders.

Lead Cards

Uses the word : benefit

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Uses the words : life insurance

Uses the words : life insurance

Uses the words : affordable life insurance

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Uses the words : life insurance


Frequently Asked Questions about the Final Expense Direct Mail Lead Program

Is this a Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Cost Per Mail (CPM) program? 

We charge on a Cost Per Mail basis.

What is the typical response rate?

Describe what you do to ensure I’m getting the best possible response rate We constantly analyze response rates and test the mailers and envelopes to try and boost response rates. We also run model data to determine what audiences respond better than others. In addition, we keep a Do Not Mail list and suppress that data from every order. All of these extra steps work in tandem to improve response rates. Mailing consistently will allow us to analyze your responders and non-responders to get the best possible future response rates. This is not a spray and pray operation. We work hard to give you the best response rates because we want a long-term partnership versus a transactional relationship.

What is my commitment to the program? 

There is no contract for the lead program. Once an order is placed, you are responsible for payment for that order. You can order at any time you choose. If you set up a recurring order, it is your responsibility to stop that order via written (email) request. You are financially responsible for all orders processed on that recurring order until such time that you terminate that order. Payment is due when your Lead Order is confirmed. We will automatically charge your credit card on file for each order, unless other arrangements have been made.

What are my payment options? 

You are responsible for payment at the time you submit your Lead Order(s). Life Professionals accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover and AmEx. You may also set up auto billing on your credit card for recurring orders.

How long until I receive lead responses? 

After you are contracted (which could take up to 2-3 weeks), it typically takes 2-3 weeks after mail drops for lead responses to be available. A mail drop is considered mature at 6- 8 weeks; however, leads may trickle in beyond that time. Weekly or monthly mailings work best to maintain a consistent lead flow. Response rates are affected by several things including the card choice, geographical area, weather, holidays, etc. Rates can be higher or lower, but generally speaking, response rates have exceeded 1.5%.

Do you have a lead management system? 

Yes, we have a custom built Lead Management System that allows you to access your leads, print, export, enhance your database and update your activity and manage your leads. Use of the LMS is free with your Life Professionals lead program. A LMS Guide is available to help.

How and when are leads delivered? 

Leads are scanned daily and placed in your Lead Management System portal. You can use the portal as a CRM to manage your leads or you can export a CSV file of the lead data or a PDF of the lead image.

Are the leads exclusive? 

Leads are produced exclusively for the client for whom the data is mailed. Leads are not resold and are exclusive property of the client. You will receive all leads generated for your specific mailing. You may choose to resell or distribute them within your group, but they are exclusive to the ordering party.

What is the cost of mailers per thousand pieces? 

Life Professionals is subsidizing the lead cost so agents can mail at a deeply discounted rate. Final Expense Direct Mail Pricing for Life Professionals producers is: $380 per Thousand. 

What does the lead card look like? 

We have a standard lead card that we think produces the best response. A copy appears below. We change the look of the mailer frequently to try to get a lift, but the basic language typically remains the same.  Please refer to the "Lead Cards" section for more Lead Card examples.

Can agencies work directly with the lead provider? 

All lead orders are to be submitted to Life Professionals for processing. As leads become available for use, they will be sent directly to the ordering agent or IMO via the LMS.

How long does it take to get started? 

Once you are properly contracted, we can drop the first mailing 5-7 days from getting your initial order. For additional/repeat orders, mail is dropped within 3-5 days.

Can recurring orders be set up? 

Yes. Recurring orders are set up in writing, indicating the geo bank/territories for the order, the priority order of the territory, the quantity of leads needed, and the duration of the mailings. You can indicate whether or not your order is a recurring or one-time order on the order form.

Do I order a mail quantity, or do I request a quantity of leads? 

Orders are based on mail quantity (per thousand pieces).

When is your weekly cut-off for orders? 

We do have a weekly cut-off for new orders. New orders received on Tuesdays by 5:00pm (PT) will be processed on Wednesdays and mailed by Saturday of each week. If orders do not make this cut-off, they will be processed the following Wednesday.

How are orders tracked? 

Each mailing will have a unique project number. Project numbers represent each unique envelope, card, agency and agent. We provide a weekly rolling drop report showing the project number, territory, drop quantity, weeks mature, and leads delivered to date.

What demographics are used for ordering mail? 

You may choose the age and income group to mail from the models below: 

Option A - Age: 50-83 Income: $ 0 - $50,000 

Option B - Age: 50-83 Income: $15,000 - $50,000 

Option C - Age: 55-83 Income: $ 0 - $50,000 

Option D - Age: 55-83 Income: $15,000 - $50,000

How do I indicate my geography on an order? 

Typically, you should order by county. You can order by county and exclude particular zip codes. Or you can order by zip code if you choose.